Quiz #2 is another take-home assignment, due this Sunday (March 7). You can download the pdf with the quiz exercises from OpenLab Files. For this quiz, you only need to submit a spreadsheet (and as I discuss in the pdf, you can continue working on the same spreadsheet you used for Quiz #1, since you will be working with the same data set).

Submit your updated spreadsheet to the Quiz #2 Assignment on Blackboard. You can submit your spreadsheet as an attached file, or (preferably) by including the share link as a text submission. Please include your name in the title of your spreadsheet.

(If you submit a share link, make sure the share permissions are set so that “Anyone with the link can view”; or share with me at suman.ganguli [at] gmail.com. But even in the latter case, please submit the share link on Blackboard, so that I can see all the quiz submissions and record your score on the quiz on Blackboard.)