Statistics & Probability | Instructor: Suman Ganguli

Project #1: Personal Data Collection & Analysis

For this project, you will collect and analyze data regarding some “personal metric” of your choosing. This project will count as 5% of your course grade.

Choose your variable:

Choose something you’re interested in measuring about your daily life. We will discuss some examples in class this Wednesday (and we will post some ideas in the comments below).

You can get some ideas by searching the web for “quantified self” or “self-tracking.” In fact, there is a recent MIT Press book titled Self-Tracking, which has this in its description:

People keep track. In the eighteenth century, Benjamin Franklin kept charts of time spent and virtues lived up to. Today, people use technology to self-track: hours slept, steps taken, calories consumed, medications administered. Ninety million wearable sensors were shipped in 2014 to help us gather data about our lives. This book examines how people record, analyze, and reflect on this data, looking at the tools they use and the communities they become part of.

Deadline: Choose your variable by Monday, Feb 22.

Data collection:

After you have chosen your personal variable, start recording your data on a (more or less) daily basis:

  • Set up a spreadsheet with columns for “Date” and “[Variable name]”; you can also include a third column for “Notes.”
  • Each day, enter the data in your spreadsheet.
  • Use the optional “Notes” column to record any information that may be useful later when you analyze your data (for example, to explain outliers).

Data analysis:

At the end of the semester you will use your spreadsheet to

  • create a frequency table and histogram using your data
  • create a time series plot of your data;
  • compute the standard summary statistics (mean, median, variance, standard deviation);
  • briefly describe (in 1-2 paragraphs) the distribution and analyze the summary statistics.

Further details (and an example) on how to describe the distribution and analyze the summary statistics will be discussed in class over the course of the semester.


  1. Pedro

    At what time I get up from bed on work days vs off days.

  2. Lukesh Matadin

    How much miles you walk per day

  3. Jose Abel Jimenez

    Steps I take everyday

  4. Danyal Ellahi

    Amount of water you drink daily

  5. Sabah Minhaj

    Amount of time using phone

  6. raneem moussa

    amount of calories you eat

  7. Suman Ganguli

    here is the spreadsheet I set up in class on Wednesday, which you can use as a template for recording your data for your project:

  8. Jimmy

    amount of times of screen unlocks on my phone

  9. Yani acham

    Amount of time that I spend with my kids per day

  10. Jasur Khalilov

    Amount of time I spend on Webull app.

  11. Saffa Akhtar

    Amount of water bottles I finish (16oz)

  12. Robin Khan

    Amount of time playing video game?

  13. Jialun Huang

    Time I spend on Robinhood.

  14. Hong Liu

    Amount of time using the computer for different purposes

  15. Pedro Cabrera

    I will measure steps walked to work on days that I drive and days I take the train.

  16. Ashraf Hossain

    Time spent operating my computer


    the amount of water i drink everyday

  18. Husam

    Amount of time spent playing games or watching entertainment

  19. Mehnaz

    Glasses of water I intake daily.

  20. Matthew Rivera

    Amount of calories burned in a day.

  21. Joan Pujols

    Hours coding every day

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