Welcome to Course Mat 1275_Statistics

Course Description

An introduction to statistical methods and statistical inference. Topics include descriptive statistics, random variables, distributions, sampling estimation and inference, t-tests, Chi-square tests, and correlation.

Course Objectives

Chapter 1: Entering and Editing Data

Operations with Lists

Chapter 2: Creating a Frequency Histogram

Creating a Stem-and-Leaf

Chapter 3: Calculating Summary Statistics

Creating a Box Plot

Chapter 13: Find Regression Equation, r and r2   (Diagnostic On)

Chapter 4: Calculating !,  n C r , n P r

Chapter 5:  * TI 84 +  STAT, EDIT (enter x in column L1 and P(x) in column L2

STAT, CALC, 1-VAR, list  L1, Frequency L2 enter

TI 83+ STAT, EDIT (enter x in column L1 and P(x) in column L2

STAT, CALC, 1-VAR L1, L2  enter

Calculating a Binomial Probability

Calculating a Cumulative Binomial Probability

Preparing a Binomial Probability Distribution

Calculating a Hypergeometric Probability

Chapter 6: Calculating a Left Tail Probability

Calculating a Probability between Two Variables

Calculating a Right Tail Probability

Determining z when a Probability is known.

Important Information:

The on-line text and access to Wiley-Plus are available immediately at  www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-828293.html.  You have 14 days of free access.  The cost for the e-book and Wiley-Plus for City Tech students is $40 when you use the promo code CTC06.

The on-line homework assignments, in the syllabus, are in Wiley Plus which also provides tutorials.  These assignments are graded and recorded. Full credit is given if the correct answer is provided in the first two attempts.  If a third attempt is required the grade for the question is reduced by 30%.