Day 18 – Addition & Subtraction of Rational Expressions

Assignment Day 18:

  1. MathZone: Assignment 6 – Rational Expressions (days 17-18), due 11/8/11.
  2. Work on your group project!

TEXT: Intermediate Algebra by Miller, O’Neill and Hyde

Note: The problems assigned in the book below are NOT required and will not be collected.  However, they are quite similar to the problems in the MathZone assignment for this section.  They are a good resource if you wish to do additional problems for practice.

5.3 (Ex. 1-9) Addition & Subtraction of Rational Expressions (pp. 431-438) p. 438:  7-11 odd, 33-45 odd, 49-57 odd, 79 (G),81 (G)

3 Responses to Day 18 – Addition & Subtraction of Rational Expressions

  1. brina92 says:

    I have problems finding the LCd

    • Ezra Halleck says:

      Where are you having problems? The procedure is to factor each denominator into powers of prime factors. To find the LCD, you take each factor that occurs somewhere and raise it to the highest power that it ever occurs.

      Admittedly, this formal approach is slower than a more informal approach for many problems. You want to find something that “swallows” all the denominators, something that all the denominators can divide into. The idea being that you can raise all the denominators to a common one by multiplying by an expression for 1 and then work with the new numerators.

  2. sbailey says:

    the classes are becoming better to understand and easier to grasp the concept

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