Field Trip Response By Diana Guaman

The trip was a great experience for me and everyone else. As I was walking the Brooklyn Bridge I realize many interesting things. Such as the amount of people and tourists walking in the Bridge. Also, the Brooklyn Bridge provides a nice view of Manhattan. However, the Bridge is not only a good place to visit it can also help people to exercise just by walking the entire bridge.

I think the purpose of this field trip to the Brooklyn Bridge was to be able to analyze ourselves how long it really takes to walk the Bridge without doing any research. Also, having this trip was great opportunity because we were able to interact with other students from a different class. Clearly, I think this trip was a great idea because I learn interesting things.

City Tech Block: 2mins. 30 sec.= 150 sec.

Brooklyn Bridge: 25 mins. 4 sec. = 1,504 sec.

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