Field trip response- Zy-Tasia Gaines

I felt the trip was a great idea to give the class
especially students like myself who don’t excel in the subject a visual hands
on project that will contribute to their grade. I had fun on the bridge I was
happy it didn’t rain and the project that was giving to find other people with specific
qualities also made it interesting and difficult to be anti-social. I walk the
bridge regularly but being in a group you’re not as in much of a rush and I was
actually able to enjoy the bridge and notice a lot more scenery then I usually
would alone.
The overpriced ices helped cool many people down I
walked with Shawn and heather. It felt great to get out of the class room and exercise.
It usually takes me about 8 min to get fully across but during the trip it was

Bridge-14min 23sec =863sec

Block-1min 19sec =79sec

79 x
863 = 276160 320              x              79





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