Field Trip Response by Rebecca Kogan

The field trip to the Brooklyn Bridge was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the beautiful view from the bridge, especially since the weather was great. Everyone was taking pictures of the water and the view of the city, not just for the project but for themselves. My friends Eda and Nathan, both of whom I decided to pair up with to make calculations and time the bridge walked around with me and soaked up the scenery. Many people were selling flavored ices and soda which really helped cool us down. I didn’t realize that walking the wooden plank of the Brooklyn Bridge would only take approximately fifteen minutes to walk. I liked that we got some exercise and had some fresh air instead of sitting in a classroom. It was a great break from school.

It was a little difficult to walk at a constant speed because of others walking the bridge and bike riders who got in the way at times. It was hard not to stop or speed up to walk around people. I didn’t like how crowded the bridge was. I believe this field trip was a good idea because it helped us calculate proportions and know how to use them properly. It exemplified how math can be used in everyday life and not just during math class. Overall, I hope to have more field trips like this because they make math a lot more interesting.

City Tech Block: 1 minute and 26 seconds – 86seconds
Broooklyn Bridge: 15 minutes and 42 seconds – 946seconds
(86/320) = (942/x) -Cross multiply
86x = 301,440 – Divide
x = 3,505.116279

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