Field Trip response by Eda Ocello

The Brooklyn Bridge field trip was a very entertaining project for me. I loved the
view that you get of the water and the city. I never actually realized how
tight the lanes for the bikers and walkers are. Every time you had to move over
to let someone through on the walking side of the bridge, you also had to be careful
of the bikers on the opposite side of you; so after a while this got very
annoying and I got tired of people yelling at me when I was in their way.

I thought this was a good idea for our math class because it teaches us
proportions and how you can use the time and measurements of one item, to find
the measurements of the other item. After doing the work to estimate my closest
measurement to the bridge I found it very interesting how we used the block of
our school to find the whole length of the wooded Brooklyn bridge. And on top
of that, it didn’t take much effort and I had I beautiful, fun filled walk.

City Tech Block: 1min and 26 seconds = 86seconds

Broooklyn Bridge: 15min and 42 seconds = 946seconds

(86/320)=(942/x) -Cross multiply

86x=301,440 -Divide


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