Journal Entry 13- Latimel Rodriguez

This week coming in to my internship I was given a new project. The weather was beautiful outside and Al had asked me to take photos of the new building being constructed across the street from the Namm building. He stated that the pictures he had received were ok but better ones could be taken.
He asked me if I had my camera on me, I replied,”No”. Al handed me his and told me to take as many shots as possible from all different angles. So I was off, I started taking pictures from the front of the court house diagonal from the building being constructed. The camera was set to automatic the entire time. It was for a particular reason. It wasn’t my camera and I didn’t have time to figure out how it worked. My cameras I know like the back of my hand but his was super professional with a ton of buttons. I was used to Nixon cameras and his was a Canon. Seems like nothing, but it makes a world of difference.
I took about twenty shots from that angle then I slowly made my ws down the block till I hit the following corner across the street. I was very limited to the shots I could take. I couldn’t climb on scuffles or break into the building to take some neat shots. As a matter of fact the first thing Al said was, “don’t get in trouble”. So i played it safe. I crossed the street where the park across from the building being constructed was. I felt daring, and I wanted a shot of the entire building so I climbed the fence, holding the camera with my right arm and holding the fence with my left, my feet had about ten inches of space to shuffle down the fence with. Mind you, the drop was about 15-20 feet. It doesn’t look high from the ground but from up there you start to think twice. I was able to manage about ten shots from that position it took me about 1 hour to get them though.
I made my way down and across the street behind the building and back to where I started to finish taking the shots Al wanted. The project took me the entire day with only 30 minutes to spare before the studio closed. So i was able to get the photographs to Al and have him upload them into the computer signaling the end to a neat project .

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