Reading Assignment – “Time”

How can we shrink time when a user interacts with an interface?

I am not sure this is good example or not but this reminds me of easter egg of new version of youtube player. When we are waiting for loading video, there is a spinning white dot icon. While its spinning, user can play worm game by pressing arrow keys (white dot becomes a worm). Sometimes loading is very long. Then, this cute game can shrink user’s time efficiently.

What do you think about letting a machine make choices for you?

It was mentioned the iPod shuffle in this reading as an example of machine make choice for users. I personally am getting familiar with letting machine make choice for me in everyday life. For instance, I usually set my playlist randomly, so that my mp3 player can select random song for me. But that is not completely random because there is option such as, ‘random in recently added songs’ or ‘random in favorite songs’ so I can make a range of random songs. I think this is similar to the example of ‘’s recommendation search’ in the reading. I am much more comfortable with these computer’s choice things nowadays as computer’s getting smarter.

What is one way you’ve figured out how to save time?

I know this sounds silly but I used to set my clock 10 minutes earlier than actual time so that I could do all things 10 minutes earlier. This worked a few days =) Also I always try to make a list that I finished already / have done so far / what I have to do things like that so that I can see whole picture of procedure. I think it is helpful to save time.

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