Reading Assignment – “Graphical Excellence”

The article says that we can make quantitative data to a graph. The first part of reading, it says about graphical display – pros and cons, etc. Graphical display is not always effective and efficient. The array of irrelevant data cannot be a good graph, no matter how fancy it is. The article used ‘Solar radiation and stock prices’ graph as an example.

Choose one of the images from the reading.

– I chose the graph of  ‘stomach cancer, white females; age-adjusted by country,1950-1969’.

What is working about the image?

– We can see the density of white female with cancer nationwide.

Is there anything unnecessary or any information you think is missing?

– I think it could be very helpful if it has population density of female so that we can make a comparison.

Have you seen any designs where you’re paying more attention to the aesthetics than the information?

I know these are excellent designs but it was a little bit hard to read at first time.

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