Edward R. Tufte, “Graphical Excellence,” p. 13-25.

The first map picture of page 17 seems to show all types of cancer for white females and is age-adjusted rate by country for the years 1950-1969. Just looking at the picture completely confuses me. It tells me at the bottom left what it is suppose to show, but I don’t see how it shows it. All I see is the United States shown with grey and black marks around certain parts of the country. The least the picture could do is label the colors to show what they suppose to mean. I think that there are too many types of designs that have me paying attention to the aesthetics other than the information. Mostly, this isn’t a problem for me because I like to look at nice things more than reading what’s on the nice things. An example would probably be statues or monuments. I think that people pay more attention to how nice the statue looks more than the information written on the bottom of it.

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