Read John Maeda, “Emotion

What do you think of Maeda’s observations on simplicity and emotion?

I can really relate to some of the point that was brought up in the reading by John Maeda, “Emotion. I was especially interested in the section where he discussed Shintoism. This is something that I have felt my whole life but had no clue whether it was taught it even exist. When something or an object does not cooperate with what I’m trying to do with it, I will somehow deprive the object of its natural state as a form of punishment. Now that I know that there is an actual term for it, I feel less crazy. I do a lot of graphics work and I always feel that simple is better; however after reading this article, Maeda has certainly shown the importance of complexity when related to emotion. When dealing with an item that a designer intends to market, emotions play a huge role with the item or brand longevity in the market place.


How can designing for emotion foster engagement?

In order to capture the emotions of the majority, information and ideas has to be considered from a large arrange of people with different personalities. Any time you put together a group of different opinions and input, the act of engagement will come natural.
Is there an object or design that you are attached to?

If there is an item that I am attached to, it will be my cell phone. Like most people today I almost feel naked without it.

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