John Maeda “Emotion”

After reading John Maeda Emotion, I found it to be quite interesting. He describes how design can affect a person. His mother thinks simplicity is ugly but to me, I find modern simplicity to be very attractive. He goes on and say how his mother like “bling” stuff and find simplicity stuff to be cheap. An example he used was the iPod, which I agree with him. Apple’s gadgets design are almost all based on simplicity yet they are in no way cheap. In my opinion every has their own perspective on design, it can be  extravagant or very simple. Willing to look at other design with an open is the best bet to improving yourself.

A design that will trigger a person’s emotion instantly would be a ring. As we all know, a ring means a person’s commitment to their significant other. It could be a couple’s ring, engagement, or marriage, what ever the case may be, the person giving it is showing their emotion of happiness and well as the person receiving it. A little design can bring out a lot of happiness for two people.

A design that I’m very attached to is my first pair of ice skates and till this day I still have them. Even though they don’t fit anymore but it brings back a lot of memories. I still remember when I first tried to ice skate, I kept on falling and wanted to give up. My grandfather said I can’t give up just because I hit a bumpy road. In life I will run into many bumpy road, will I just give up because of that and become a loser? After hearing that I continued on trying to ice skate and when I finally skated without falling for the first round, it was one of the best accomplishment feeling a little kid could have. I still take out the skates and look at it every time I feel like I’m stuck on something in life.




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