Bill Moggridge use four techniques in his “People” article. These four techniques are learn, look, ask, and try. All of them have their good points and can really help out within a project. The one that I personally like the most is learn(observation). With learn we can observe people and see what are their real needs. Depending on what project you are doing, some of these observation might  involve close observation of the  subject and the other might need to be from a distance.

The project that I will like to use this technique for is helping third world country people improve their future. As we all know many people in third world country have lack of food causing themselves and their children to have lack of nutrition. There are a lot of charity groups that donate money to help out the poor but does everyone really understand what they really need. Yes, money can solve their lack of food resource by providing them with certain amount but what happens when it runs out? What happens when no one can afford to donate anymore, then what? I think we can  see what type of nutrition they are lacking the most and what is needed for survival.  After we figure that out, we can see what crops are best suitable to grow in their environment that come closes to the nutrition value that they need. Once that is decide we can go and teach the less fortunate how to grow the crops. This way, we can make sure they can survive and have a better life. This also cause a positive effect to their children. Most children don’t get a chance to go to school because they have to do whatever work they can to help put food on the table. Even if that means giving up their education and working long hours for pennies a day. If their family members learn how to grow their own crops, they would have a chance to go to school.

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