Field Work

Greater NY Dental Meeting at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center-Give Kids a Smile  

I  had the opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest dental meetings in New York. My graduating class combined with Colgate to provide preventive services for young school children. I worked in a section where I was able to educate children in the proper way of brushing.

Fluoride Varnish Service Learning Project


I had the opportunity to provide a preventative service to children at a HeadStart location in Brooklyn. The children range from ages 3 to 5 and come from families of with low income. I  was able to provide a quick intra oral exam and also screen for caries. Along with my partner, we were able to document anything to send to the parents. I  was then able to apply fluoride varnish.

Toothbrush Sale 

I  am apart of a club called SADHA (Student American Dental Hygienist Association). Every fall and spring my team and I come together to sell toothbrushes to the students in school. This is a great advantage to make the public aware of what kind of toothbrush they should be using and to also raise money to donate to charities and school events.