Atomic and Molecular Gas in Galaxies

Observations of Molecular Gas

Fig 2
xGASS: cold gas content and quenching in galaxies below the star-forming main sequence
Janowiecki, Catinella, Cortese, Saintonge, Wang 2020
show sfr and H2 or HI not 1-1 relations, some TZ galaxies as gas rich as SFS.

The cosmic abundance of cold gas in the local Universe
Fletcher, Saintonge, Soares, Pontzen 2020
H2 mass function and H2+HI mf.

xGASS: total cold gas scaling relations and molecular-to-atomic gas ratios of galaxies in the local Universe
Catinella, Saintonge, Janowiecki, Cortese, Davé, and others 2018
H2 relations with other properites.

xCOLD GASS: The Complete IRAM 30 m Legacy Survey of Molecular Gas for Galaxy Evolution Studies 
Saintonge, Catinella, Tacconi, Kauffmann, Genzel, and others 2017
The xCOLD GASS survey paper. H2 mass includes Helium. Data is here.

Deriving a multivariate αCO conversion function using the [C II]/CO (1-0) ratio and its application to molecular gas scaling relations
Accurso, Saintonge, Catinella, Cortese, Davé, R. and others 2017
Determine CO to H2 conversion using sfr too.

Observations of Atomic Gas



Cold gas stripping in satellite galaxies: from pairs to clusters
Brown, Catinella, Cortese, Lagos, Davé and others 2017
Studies sats HI using stacking.  Compare with galform, pre-Mufasa model.

Theoretical Models of Atomic & Molecular Gas

Galaxy Cold Gas Contents in Modern Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations
Davé, Crain, Stevens, Narayanan, Saintonge, Catinella, Cortese 2020
Compares xCOLDGASS with Simba, Eagle and IllustrisTNG. HI and H2 mass functions, scaling relations between fHI, fH2, LCO, M*, ssfr, mu*.


Atomic and molecular gas in IllustrisTNG galaxies at low redshift
Diemer, Stevens, Lagos and others 2019

Atomic hydrogen in IllustrisTNG galaxies: the impact of environment parallelled with local 21-cm surveys
Stevens, Diemer and others 2019
Looks at sats/cents but only HI. Find sats are HI poor. Find mocks over-estimate HI by confusion.

Modeling the Atomic-to-molecular Transition in Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation
Diemer, Stevens, Forbes, Marinacci, Hernquist, Lagos, Sternberg and others 2018

Ingredients for 21cm Intensity Mapping
Villaescusa-Navarro, Genel Castorina, Obuljen, Spergel and others 2018



Galaxy formation in the Planck Millennium: the atomic hydrogen content of dark matter haloes
Baugh, Gonzalez-Perez, Lagos and others 2019
GALFORM model, HI to halo mass relation.