Ethics Assignment 2A


Graphic Designers encounter a lot of clients that have different opinions on what they want them to design for them. Sometimes, the designer would see that what the client wants them to advertise, does not feel right for them and that is when eithcal issues happen in this situation. Ethical issues are “subjects or events that could create questions about what is right and what is wrong” ( Ethical issues in the graphic design business).  This includes what type of message that Is appropriate for the audience.

Another thing, is ‘Design and Culture’, since designing is not just being able to create an awesome design but it is also about the message that a designer is portraying for the audience. In school, we learn that a message is everything, Furthermore, we have to be careful because sometimes a particular message and its design can be appropriate here in the U.S but not in other countries. For my internship, i had to make sure the message I am trying to send is appropriate and makes sense to the students and faculty.


Ethics Assignment 1A


What is Ethics?

Ethics is a set of moral principles at its most basic level. They have an impact on how people make choices and live their lives. Ethics, often known as moral philosophy, is concerned with what is beneficial for individuals and society. When it comes to  Ethics in business, people need to know what is right or what is wrong when creating/using a design, illustrations, images, or photos since they can be copyrighted. I have learned that you can be inspired or get inspiration from a piece of art but never copy someone else’s work!

The term copyright refers to the ownership of a designer’s work, which gives the designer authority over whether or not his/her piece of work can be replicated. Furthermore, the designer has the ability to negotiate fees or royalties if they allow their work to be copied.

source: File AIGA Business_Ethics 47556757-Guide-to-copyright-1-MB.pdf


Journal Blog 10: 120 hours!



For this week, I misunderstood the hours for the internship. I thought that the hours for spring break week do not count so I did not count them and had around 90 hours or

and more completed of the internship. Thankfully my Professor cleared the misunderstanding and said those are hours that we catch up with our internship work. So, in other words, I finished my hours a full 120 hours of internship. I continued working on the annual networking event. Since it is a very important event, it’s only right to make sure that everything looks on point.

Journal Blog 9



For this week, there was not a lot to do but just keep refining the networking event’s Instagram posts. This time I have to design another post for the speaker that is going to be there at the event. However, I have to make it the design look consistent with the rest of the designs such as the elements and color palette. Another thing is that my supervisor asked me to create is an Instagram story for the annual networking event.

Journal Blog 8

For this week my supervisor and I spoke about the digital roughs that I had created for the 4th annual CUNY Multi-Campus networking event. So far the supervisor liked the designs but there a few things that she wanted to be added in there. Since it’s going to be an Instagram post, the document measurements are small so I had to be a little more creative with how I place things to make space and place everything in one post. It was a little frustrating but as I kept working around with it I had a way to work with it.

Journal Blog 7



For this week, we still continued brainstorming for the 4th annual CUNY Multi campus alumni training and networking event. I had to come with two designs so the people that are in charge can take look and choose which one to go for and continue designing it.

I first had to sketch it on paper then switch to digital roughs. Now I’m working on the digital roughs, I’ll have to make sure everything looks great to send to my supervisor even though they’re still roughs.

Journal Blog 6: The Networking Event

A project that I am working at now Is the alumni networking event. I have to brainstorm on how we should display it on the schools social media platform, for instance having a countdown post till the event and so on. My supervisor discussed a little bit about it and start sketching for the designs that will be posted. For this project there is not an exact date yet, however the event is still going to happen since its a significant one so we start brainstorming early for an easier process.

Journal Blog 5: An important pause

The social media project was put on pause for me since there was something else that my supervisor wanted me to work on as quickly as possible. A director from the Scheduling Testing Advisement Registration in Citytech contacted my supervisor to post an announcement that CUNY is having their first virtual fair on Thursday, March 18. My supervisor spoke to me about it and asked if I can create 1-2 posts for the event, however, I only had a few hours to work on it since they needed it ASAP! I was more than happy to help and to get to work. I read the information that needed to be there and went to being creative with it. Of course, there was a time where I blanked out I did not know what to do or put on that blank page even though I read the information that was supposed to be on it. It was a little challenging to have something up last minute but I was glad that that happened because when I land on a job, it is going to happen a lot.

Journal Blog 4: Critiques & Feedbacks


The project that I am currently working on is the social media posts, they are the informational events from the academic calendar. A couple of them that I had to design that were important were The Last Day to File for Graduation, Spring Recess, Last Day to appeal grades other than WU for Fall, and Last Day to of classes/ drop a class with a grade of W. I had the freedom to be as creative as possible but I thought it would be important to keep the color palette of CityTech consistent with the posts. My supervisor on the other hand was very helpful since I would email her the work for feedbacks/critiques before finalizing them.

Journal Blog 3: Virtual Meetings


Cr: designveloper

Ever since COVID-19 hit, the majority of people today have been working remotely and I am one of those people. My first meeting with my boss was on February 16, we spoke about some important works that had to be done and my work schedule. My first work schedule did not work well because I was not going to finish my 120 hours by May 8, so I spoke with my professor and decided to work 15 hours a week. I chose the days to work where it did not overlap with my other classes. Mondays is when my supervisor and I decided to meet on zoom at 9:30 am and discuss what I have so far and what we will be doing for next week. For Mondays, we will have our meeting and then from then on continue working to complete my 6 hours shift. The same would go for Tuesday since I start my class pretty late, I work for 6 hours and the Fridays are my shortest which is only 3 hours. In other words, I work three days a week, 15 hours a week. I am glad that my supervisor and I get to have that one on one meeting every Monday on zoom, I believe it to be very helpful and easier to understand.