I had chosen this quote because it has meaning to how art is a crucial part of human existence. We would not have much if it was not for art. The first postcard, I choose a powerful statue that depicts an attack from a bird which has a story and history behind the art that gives it meaning. I brought in a subtle font that had round serifs and white text to correlate with the picture.



The second postcard was more of an outlook approach on art actually “creating” the world which is with a paintbrush. I used a blue font text of a more modern font as the world becomes more contemporary I had also used that image to go with that feel.

Last postcard, I had a more old style approach to it so I had put the old creation of Adam, that art had shown also religious aspect that gave us what we have today as a read in the Bible. I had choose a more heavy font that had similar color to the picture that is cohesive.