Overview of Psy 2404!


I/O Psychology is the application of psychological principles and theories to the workplace. I/O psychologists study, among other things, the attitudes and behaviors of employees and employers; interpersonal relationships at work; the structure of organizations and organizational policies; the complex processes of motivation and leadership; both individual and organizational performance; the context, culture, and climate of organizations; and the match between people and jobs.-Levy, Paul. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 5th Edition. Worth Publishers, 20160901.

Students enrolled in this course will also become familiar with the topics that include affirmative action, sexual harassment, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, stress in the workplace, union/management relations, and a variety of work-related ethical and mental health concerns.

Gregory I. Mack, Ph.D.                                                                                                                Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology                                                                                  Phone: 718.260.5080
Email: GMack@citytech.cuny.edu
Office: Namm Bldg. Room 600
Office hours: by appointment

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