Eva Machauf I COMD 3501 I OL01

Author: N'Kaya Renford

As a self-taught artist, I'm open to creating anything in & out of my comfort zone. As a graphic designer, I help bring your brands' visions to life by designing aesthetic and compelling visuals.


My name is N’kaya & this is my third semester at City Tech and I’m majoring in Communication Design. I took this course this semester to learn more about identity designing, I think it will help me more outside of school because I also do graphic designing outside of school as well. I’ve learned a little about Indesign, Illustration, and Photoshop while attending this school but I’m more of a drawer/ painter type of artist ( not so much a fan of drawing on computers, tablets, etc. ). I’ve been drawing since I was young and it’s something I am really passionate about. My artwork has been in many galleries and libraries since I was 12 and recently got an art award from the Metropolitan Museum. Don’t really know what I want to do after I graduate from college but I would like to continue the graphic designing industry because it may be difficult at times, I would like to stay out of my comfort zone to become a more creative talented artist.