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louise fili typography and astronomy

as i was reading through the story it seems interesting and fascinating that she used her ethnic background as an italian to create different letters in order to match her inspiration of italy. i agree that a designer shoul find their voice because as designers we need to find our style and calling to match our work and also what clients want. the mermaid was interesting because she brings up the point that it does not need to be repeated. it is good as a designer to break the rules in order to get the message out there.

weird science of naming products

as it turns out in this article talks abou naming products and titles. i thought yum was a seperate company than kfc. anthony shore seems to process the names first which sounded like more work than putting the work into the final product. i like how he is taking the time to figure things out rather than just finalizing which clients dont want to see. for 1 person to come up with different company names sounds like magic rather than reality


hello my name is christopher liao current city tech junior my interests is in advertising and campaigning posting for social media. im good at most indesign photoshop and illustrator. im taking cause it is a required course i want a career in advertising. i want work somehwere that advertises on social media

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