What I found interesting about Paula Scher through the videos I watched is that she wants to create typography that is appealing for her audience to look out while still successfully making the client’s message come true. An example was where she created typography that incorporated “Loudness” and “Noise” for when she had to design posters for Noise Punk. I really found that interesting because it reminded me of the designer Filippo Marinetti, who used typography where he bent and manipulated it into creating a chaotic and aggressive look in order to communicate his anarchist ideals through Futurism. Another thing I found out is that Scher hates Helvetica, calling the typeface “Solemn Work”. I can agree with her because Helvetica is pretty basic and it gives me a better understanding o why she is passionate about creating such outrageous typography work, because she wants to make something that is interesting and people will recognize her for her typographic choices.

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