It was interesting hearing about her work that would communicate a context and message through design and typography. For example, when Scher designed posters for noise punk, she made the typography portray loudness or noise. I understood well when she talked about how intuitive her design process is because I feel as though my best ideas tend to be with intuition. Paula Scher talking about her working with the public theater before they had an identity, she made design that was expressive and had no bounds and as a designer she grew a lot from that experience. I like the idea of serious design vs solemn design because serious design or “play” design seems to be creative, innovative, and bold while solemn is normalized and appeals to the mass. I found the idea of design being through accidents and circumstantial really interesting as well. It was interesting to hear about MoMA and how the design wasn’t the problem but rather communication with each of the departments for a cohesive identity. It was also interesting to see how she combined art and design with the installation in the metropolitan high school. I overall like Schers intuitive design mindset even if it is against the norm or a brief.

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