Dasom Kim – Mamacita’s Special House

Mamacitas’s special house is a Panamian restaurant located in New York City and they use organic ingredients and authentic island seasoning. I designed their brunch menu with a casual and comfy mood. There is only the logo on the front page of the menu and the back page has the story of the restaurant and social media logos and QR code. The color palette was inspired by the logo. The size of the menu is 11 x 8.5 inches which can be folded in the middle. I used very fine lines to divide the sections of categories for readability.

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One thought on “Dasom Kim – Mamacita’s Special House”

  1. Your menu is very clean and well organized.
    While I do appreciate minimalism, I can’t help but think that the logo on the menu’s cover page looks a bit lonely. Perhaps the addition of some color or decorative graphics could help to lessen overwhelming negative space.
    Other than that, you did an amazing job!

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