Mary Jane Cafe

Mary Jane is a cannabis cafe that provides brunch like foods, infused drinks, and desserts. Located in Brooklyn, NY, with an overall brand personality: casual, cool, and hip. One must be 21 and up to enter the premises and our clientele includes young adults who enjoy a good time. My client wanted this cafe to have a rustic green outdoor look, which I incorporated into the menu. The menu design is a three-fold square, Size is 5.5 by 5.5 a menu that is easy to hold and fold. The color palette includes, green, beige and purple. The cover has the name and logo of the cafe. The 3 inner pages have the menu, the inner flap has a short bio with details and the back flap has a picture of the NYC subway floor.

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One thought on “Mary Jane Cafe”

  1. Your menu is very clean and the organization is great.
    I’m glad to see that you found a way to make your logo work, however, I think that you should have either made the word “cafe” a part of the logo or omitted it completely. It just feels a bit strange to separately state that the establishment is a cafe. Perhaps if you “cannabis cafe” instead of just “cafe” it would have worked since many people would want to be aware that the establishment serves cannabis infused items.
    Other than that, your menu looks great! Your blue pattern on the back works well.

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