When I first started learning about the world of graphic design I remember faintly  hearing about Paul Rand and not knowing much about him but as time went on and especially  after reading this article and watching the videos I can see why he is so highly regarded and I honestly love his thought and design process and way of handling things.  I like the way how he took the way of designing as solving a problem and by solving it in a simple way but in a way that it became timeless and basically became the image of the company and  catch your attention with a certain amount of surprise, as said in the video. It still baffles me that it took ten years to perfect the IBM logo. His design process and approach is rather different from Paula Scher’s process due to the fact that Paula Scher is able to get it on the dot and capture everything  within a logo in a matter of minutes. Nonetheless It is a well known fact that both of them are masters of their craft and regardless of their approach, it does take a huge amount of time and dedication and years of practice to get to that level of mastery and they have always managed to pull through and shine.

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