Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Paula Scher Artist Series Video

This is the first time for me to see a video where Paula Scher is talking and to be honest all her designs speak for her energy, she got a great energy which is reflected in all her designs. She has an amazing spirit, I really loved the part where she said the design of Funk’s posters made Noise, it was loud, visible and original. 

Her typography was designed to make a statement and an identity, then it became a popularized style where the design speaks about itself. You see other posters and know that these belong to the others you saw somewhere else. I find it very hard at her time where there was no place or social media for them to search and get inspired about an idea, they had original ideas that weren’t somewhere else and they also worked with type presses they had no computers! As she also mentioned that all she got was her hands. It’s mind-blowing to be honest for me.


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  1. Jerry Neira

    Yeah it’s crazy how her font style is so popular. The design for the public theater became so popular that New York City started to adapt that font style all over the place.

  2. Mariolys Rosa

    Yes, i think her love for type reflected in all her designs very well, to be the first women in Pentagram is amazing. i couldnt agree more!

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