Final Exam next Tuesday, 5/25!!

Our Final Exam is coming up on Tuesday, 5/25!!

The test will be 75 minutes long and will be administered on Blackboard. You should receive an announcement to your email at 6:00pm, when it becomes available. You can also find it under “Content” in Blackboard after 6:00pm. 

The exam is open book and open notes. I recommend that you study carefully for it by filling out the study sheet ahead of time. Most of the questions require understanding concepts, not simply repeating answers from the study sheet. I will be available in our regular Zoom forum or on email from 6pm on, if you need to contact me for some reason.

You can start it any time between 6pm and 8:30pm and will receive a full 75 minutes to take the test. It is possible to pause the test and come back later, but the clock will keep ticking and you only have 75 minutes total to take the test. You will not be able to resume after 8:30 pm. 

I will be available in our regular Zoom meeting during that time if you have a question or need to reach me. 

Do NOT plagiarize from the internet. Utilizing answers from class materials and lectures is acceptable. Plagiarism from the internet is grounds for a zero score on the test.

If you need a special exception you need to contact me. If for some reason you don’t contact me and also don’t take it at the appointed time, you will need a documented excuse (either medical or related to bereavement) for permission to take it at another time.

Don’t forget to download the review sheet and fill it out before the test! And let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. M

Reminder: Student evaluations of teaching due tomorrow

Dear Class, 

If for some reason you weren’t able to complete the student evaluation of teaching that we did in class last Tuesday, please note that the deadline for completing this is tomorrow. You should have a link to the evaluation in your City Tech inbox, I believe they were sent out to students on April 26. Your comments are helpful to me and, if they help me to improve the class, will also help future students who take this class. 


Dr. M

Final Exam Study Sheet Posted

Dear Class, 

Finals will soon be upon us. I have uploaded the final exam study sheet now–please be sure to fill it out before our study session next week! This will make studying much easier. We will probably only have time to go over questions you had difficulty with. 

You can see the study sheet here: 

21 S Final SS

Please note, we haven’t discussed the “Risky Business” podcast in class yet, we will do that in the first half of class next week. 

See you then!

Dr. M

Change to readings

Hi All, 

Just a note that I’ve changed the readings for next week. Instead of the reading by Foucault, we will discuss the “Risky Business” Podcast, originally assigned for yesterday. That is the only “reading” you need to do for next week. 

Hi-Phi Nation. 2019. Risky Business. Season 3, Episode 2 of Hi-Phi Nation Podcast [~49 mins]. Feb. 16.


Dr. M