Plato’s Crito

While reading the conversation between Crito and Socrates, Crito is astonished that Socrates is sleeping like nothing is going to happen to him  Crito believes that Socrates conviction was unjust and it would be best that he escapes from prison. He tells Socrates that he willing to use all his money so that way he is able to escape but Socrates does not want to do it and it seems like he had accepted the idea of him being executed. During the conversation, Crito mentions Socrate’s kids arguing that they are going to become orphans if he get executed and that there won’t be no one to raised or  educated them. Crito also argues if Socrates get executed, people would talk about how useless and cowardly his friends were by not helping him. But Socrates explains to Crito that he should only pay attention to the opinions that comes from the wise and not the worthless opinions that comes from the ignorant. As the conversation keeps going, Socrates is sticking to his idea of not escaping the prison because he would be commiting an unjust to the laws he agreed to abide since birth. If Socrates escapes prison, he would be having a life with a wretched and corrupt body which is not worth living. Both Socrates and Crito agree that it was wrong that Crito brought up the idea of escaping, especially that it would go against everything Socrates believed and stood up for since birth. At the end Socrates accepted his fate of being executed even though it was consider an unjust.

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