Crito vs. Socrates

After taking a previous Intro to Philosophy class; Socrates is faced with simply three charges. He is guilty of being impious, corrupting the youth, and failing to acknowledge the gods of the city. In this great dialogue between Socrates and Crito; it centers around Crito’s idea for an escape plan to get Socrates out of prison. Socrates on the other hand tries to explain to Crito if escaping is the right thing to do or is it merely unjust. Socrates focuses on his moral principles and beliefs and he decides not to listen to Crito and escape. He can be viewed as a law-abiding citizen and respects all aspects of Athenian law even if those who sentenced him are unjust but the laws themselves are just. If Socrates disobeys these laws which are just; if he escapes prison, he would be considered unjust. According to the text, “Then is life worth living with a wretched and corrupt body?” The idea of committing or doing unjust actions indeed harms the soul and living with an unjust soul is just not worth living. I find Crito’s arguments to be weak opposed to Socrates who actually created stronger arguments as to why he should stay in prison. The idea that Socrates rather dies with “Honor” opposed to dying with an unjust soul and destroying his reputation. I agree with Socrates’ notion of staying in jail and sticking to what he believes in. By escaping prison, he would have ruined his soul; “So examine again whether or not it still holds true for you, that it’s not living that should be our priority, but living well.”
I enjoyed reading Crito as it gives many ways for a person to live a just life. There are numerous arguments which arise but Socrates seems to shut all those ideas down and continues to follow what he truly believes is just.

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