Mid-term Exam next Tuesday, 3/16!!

Our Mid-term Exam is coming up next Tuesday, 3/16!!

The test will be 75 minutes long and will be administered on Blackboard. You should receive an announcement to your email at 2:30pm, when it becomes available. You can also find it under “Content” in Blackboard after 2:30pm. 

The exam is open book and open notes. I recommend that you study carefully for it by filling out the study sheet ahead of time. Most of the questions require understanding concepts, not simply repeating answers from the study sheet. 

Do NOT plagiarize from the internet. Utilizing answers from class materials and lectures is acceptable. Plagiarism from the internet is grounds for a zero score on the test.

You can start it any time within the normal class period (2:30-3:45pm) and will receive a full 75 minutes to take the test. It is possible to pause the test and come back later, but the clock will keep ticking and you only have 75 minutes total to take the test. You will not be able to resume after 3:45pm. 

If you need a special exception you need to contact me. If for some reason you don’t contact me and also don’t take it at the appointed time, you will need a documented excuse (either medical or related to bereavement) for permission to take it at another time.

Don’t forget to download the review sheet and fill it out before the test! And let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. M

Get in touch with your group and determine your group role!

Dear Class, 

It’s time to begin working on the Case Project! You can find all case project materials mentioned in this post by going to Blackboard, then selecting “Content,” then “Case Project.” 

The first things you will want to do to prepare for the Annotated Bibliography assignment is to find out which group you are in (see “Groups” on Blackboard), and then download the relevant case (see “Cases” on Blackboard).

Once you have figured out your group, you should give your group a way to contact you (under “Group Contact Information” on Blackboard). 

Once you have made contact with your group, you will need to determine your group role! We will discuss roles in class today. Once you have agreed with your group about who will do which roles, please record these roles for Dr. MacDougall here: 


Once you have your case and role, you can begin researching for your annotated bibliography. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Dr. M


Homework assignment 2, due Thursday 2/25

Make an annotated bibliography entry for the assigned reading:

Mazor, Kathleen M, George W Reed, Robert A Yood, Melissa A Fischer, Joann Baril, and Jerry H Gurwitz. 2006. “Disclosure of medical errors.”  Journal of General Internal Medicine 21 (7):704-710.

You can find the article here.

This is an empirical article, so be sure to use the format for an empirical article. Your entry should include three things: 

  1. The actual reference (formatted in Chicago Author-Date Style). You may cut and paste from above for this assignment.
  2. Conclusions. 
    • “Conclusions” are the general claims that the authors think are supported by their observations. They should be in the present tense.
  3. Evidence/Results. 
    • The “results” is what the researchers actually observed. These should clearly support the “conclusions” listed above. They should be in the past tense.

Be sure to label each of the three sections. You do not need to include the fourth section, “relevance to my case,” because this piece is not necessarily relevant to your assigned group case. 

Your entry should be in your own words. Your submission should be at least a half page (double-spaced), but should not exceed one page.

(150-300 words)

Please submit the assignment to turnitin.com before class (i.e. before 2:30pm). 

Reading links broken, now updated

Dear Class, 

A student pointed out that the links for the next 3 readings were broken (even though they were working just a week ago!). I have now changed the links to the readings, the links should now send you to PDF files of the same readings in our Blackboard site. Please let me know if you have any trouble finding or downloading these. 


Dr. M