IMG_0855The extensive green roof system, which has plants (seedum plants) that are low maintenance and are used to absorb a lot of the water from the rainfall. The solar panel to the left of the picture is part of a solar thermal system which provides hot water to the building.

2 thoughts on “Extensive green roof system

  1. D.Mao

    It was surprising that most buildings couldn’t support a green roof because of the weight of the soil, plants, moisture and other installations. An extensive green roof weight up to 150 pounds per square foot. The Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm must weight tons with soil as been as 8-12″. The roof garden we saw (picture) only have soil half of that half that deep.

  2. Muhammad Bhatty

    Field tour of Brooklyn Navy Yard was very nice, but I just wish that weather was much warmer then it was. The tour was informative and even I got to see hear and some of the things that I didn’t even knew about. The things that I learned on this tour was how the sustainable energy can be used, in way that it is used in the Brooklyn Navy Yard like Andrew said that solar panel on the exterior of the building to make over heat go out the building. Furthermore, it was great to hear how the glass is reused to manufactured goods.
    Research relevance topic that got me a little interested is green rooftops. As I recall that the green rooftop had a solar energy panel, which absorb the energy from the sun and use it to make the water hot. Another thing that interested me how the small stone pebble are spread in the front of the entrance, more interesting is the fact under those gravel are pipe which absorb the rain water and use it in the building to flush down the toilet. I find that to be a good thing because I think it helps us save clean water for drinking. My impression after the tour was that I should go back to visit and get more information out, especially the things that interested me a lot.


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