About Nocti

With over five decades of experience in developing tools to continuously improve the field of Career and Technical Education (CTE), NOCTI delivers solutions for increasing students’ technical competence and certifying new and incumbent workers in the private sector. NOCTI is a national leader in creating customized and standardized assessment solutions.

Since it was first funded by a federal grant to Rutgers University in the late 1960s, NOCTI has functioned as a not-for-profit consortium representing each of the fifty states and the US territories and is governed by a prestigious Board of Trustees. This group of individuals reinforces NOCTI’s expertise in, and strong commitment to, improving America’s workforce.

NOCTI’s commitment to building a competent workforce extends to business and industry through Nocti Business Solutions (formerly The Whitener Group) which was organized in 1999 as a separate company to work with corporate management, unions, and employees to address their assessment needs.

Over the years, NOCTI, originally a national source for occupational teacher assessments, has evolved into a full-service provider of quality technical assessments for secondary and post-secondary students, teacher candidates, and business and industry. NOCTI has become a valuable partner in the CTE community’s efforts to improve America’s workforce. Our products and services have expanded beyond cutting edge assessments to include classroom materials for test preparation, tools for data usage, delivery of national certification exams, customized reporting, and professional development. QuadNet, NOCTI’s custom online system, was built by NOCTI specifically for our customers and is continuously being updated and improved to address their needs.


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