Li Xie’s philosophy statement

Nurses are backbone of our health care system. They are the front line health care providers that save and improve lives in different settings. Being a health care provider has always been my dream and I always have the passion in helping other people, so I picked nursing as my career without any hesitation. The past few years of study in the nursing program was really hard for me, there were a lot of hard working, stress before exams, and happiness. I am so happy that I will graduate with my bachelor degree in the summer and I feel confident to start my career and provide holistic, compassionate, and culturally sensitive care to all the patients and families. In the past few years, I received help from a lot of people, including my parents, classmates, and professors. Without the sacrifices made by my parents for me, I couldn’t finish my degree and achieve such a big improvement in the past few years. Without the encouragement from classmates and the help from professors, I couldn’t overcome one difficulty after another. In the future, when I work as a Register Nurse, I will always remember the help I’ve gotten from others and try my best to offer the same generous help to my patients. One of the most important responsibility of nurse is advocating for the patients. I will provide best patient care as I can through clear communication, education, and applying critical thinking and decision making skills. Nursing is a life-long learning process. I will continue extend my nursing knowledge through formal education and hands-on experience and provide the best patient care.


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