Genre Project Progress Report – Travis

So far I have finished my introduction and personal narrative. I still have 3 more parts to complete. My news reports section, what can you do, and finally my conclusion. I haven’t encountered any obstacles and just trying to finish everything by the 19th or the 18th. I’m taking my time and trying to word my paragraph well and not rush it with mistakes. And with that, I feel like my project is coming out well, and hopefully I can write an excellent op-ed.

2 thoughts on “Genre Project Progress Report – Travis”

  1. Travis:

    Make sure that your op-ed integrates smoothly. Remember this is really one essay. So the parts must all lead from one point to the next to the next — and all of it will make your point that _____ whatever your message is: People can stand still and bystand when vulnerable Asian women are being attacked….WHATEVER YOUR MESSAGE IS.

    Prof. Wu

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