RAB Source Entry #3-David Antwi

Part 1 MLA Citation

Ayden Bazemore (Heavily in tune with the fitness world) In person Interview Bronx NY. April 13, 2022

part 2 Summary

My friend Ayden is 19 years of age and I have known him since mid school. He has always been in tune with fitness because he played sports. He is always at the gym since freshman year so it is reliable to ask him. Ayden himself is a gym rat and he has been form years. He believes that him staying healthy will grant him the ability to be physically appealing on the outside and it makes him feel good. He also elaborates on the fact that he is scared to be fat. He remembers how as a kid he use to see kids who were overweight being teased and laughed at and he never wanted to be in that position. I think Ayden is a perfect person to ask about how the pandemic affected the way he exercised.

The first question I asked Ayden was his reaction when he heard when that gyms were shutting down.”Bro I genuinely thought it was a joke. I was like bro how you gonna shut the gyms down if people get sick go to the gym you will get healthier and feel better.” he said. His whole life was going to the gym and school so taking that away from him is like half of his life was basically gone and there is nothing he could do about it. You can tell that he loved the gym.

I then proceeded to ask my second question. What do you plan to do to stay in shape? H e proceeded to describe to me of the strict diet he is going to follow. He broke it down in a very simple manner. He will be watching his calorie intake. eating more greens and less sweets. Increase his fiber intake and protein intake and allow the fruits to relate the sweets. When he was going to the gym daily, there were times where cheat meals were fine but with no exercise at all its important not to have cheat days.

Lastly, I asked about his success rate. Were you successful with the plan you had? ” No bro, what you think. I am not a machine bro. Mom dukes had all the food in the house there was no chance I was not gonna taste that. Valid eats indeed” he said. I definitely understood him. There is literally nothing to do but eat.

Fitness plays a huge role in the life of Ayden. He believes that the gym is a sane place for everyone and how everyone should try and get a gym membership and try to stay fit.

Part 3A Reflection

Listening to Ayden I definitely understood his frustration and I basically can relate. My whole life I have been in shape. I was never a gym rat to be honest but I have been a student athlete. He was more into the body building field where I trained as a basketball player lifts weights but not to heavy worked on lateral movements, how to be able to be balance, worked on stamina etc. When the pandemic began I did not know what to do. I started eating and doing whatever I wanted, Basically not caring about what I ate. I eventually understood that I needed to calm down and get back in shape. So I am definitely able to relate to his point of view.

Part 3B Rhetorical Analysis

The person being interviewed elaborates on his opinions of the effects the pandemic had on exercising. How it affected his daily routine as a gym rat and impacts on his health ability. Ayden has been a fitness geek for over 4 plus years and understand how important health is to once life. The audience this message is directed to are daily gym attenders, athletes and student athletes.

Part 4 Quotable quotes

” Bro you bugging we both out of shape does why were are back in the gym”

“The food was in front of me, so I ate it.”

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