RAB Conclusion Paragraph– Travis

    Last but not least Asian American women tend to be a big concern. They get blamed for things that aren’t in their power and get treated very poorly. As mentioned before I kind of know what they are facing because my girlfriend enlightened me on a lot of details based on the way they are getting treated, how paranoid she gets when she is outside, and if someone says something the rest would just follow. There shouldn’t be any reason why a female from this race should be getting treated this way. These Asian American women should be able to walk freely without always having to watch their backs constantly and worrying about what’s going to happen to them or which dark hole they will fall into. Leadership needs to be taken into consideration. Everyone should get the same treatment regardless of how they look, sound, and where they originated from. This research has taught me a lot. At first, I didn’t know that these women were dealing with all these types of problems until my girlfriend started to update me on everything from the past to the present. If one is getting treated differently, then it’s not a problem for one to speak up instead of staying quiet, speaking up, and making a change in things. People tend to keep harassing these Asian women because they aren’t lifting their heads and fighting for their rights. But thankfully there is an Asian movement where they are currently fighting for their safety and rights. The group that would be the ideal audience would be everyone in America. The reason I say this is because everyone needs to know about how Asian American fear for their life daily and that is something that shouldn’t be normalized in America. American people need to step up and speak out about these types of stuff they see in public. This would benefit everyone in America. People will speak up for anyone who’s being harassed in public. The genre I would choose to present my research would be a video. Many people don’t enjoy reading because they get bored very quickly so a video would draw more audience than reading. With everything being said, this topic is very important to me because of my girlfriend but at end of the day, all women should be treated with respect, honesty, and loyalty. 

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