RAB Conclusion- David Antwi

In my research, I learned so much on how the corona virus pandemic affected the way people exercise and stay fit. When I first started to research about this topic, I was not really trying to understand more about the topic. It was just to do some research and get the work done. As I dived deeper, I began to find fascinating information about the way the pandemic affected businesses, the increase of people getting out of shape and the increase in research of words such as exercise.Everyone who got out of shape begun to panic once the pandemic was slowly going down s they decided to do research by themselves and try to get in shape. I also learn’t on the increase of online gym memberships where a lot of people had a personal trainer online who trains them in the comfort of your home to stay fit. You hear lots of stories from famous fitness trainers talk about the increase of money they made in a short period of time and how they began to increase the prices on their memberships because regardless of the case people will still pay. I began to fall involve with the topic so much that I did not know what I wanted to really go in depth on. Even though we are still in the pandemic, gyms are slowly opening and adjusting to the situation at hand. It is still not the same as it previously was. Once it opened the increase in their gym memberships has been huge because everyone was out of shape during the pandemic and is trying to work to get back in shape. I will continue to follow this research due to the fact that I am interested in seeing if the increase of gym memberships will continue and are the amount of overweight people going to decrease, increase or stay constant.

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