RAB Source Entry 3 – Travis

Part 1 MLA Citation

“Anxious to Let My Features Show”: Asian American Woman Shares Fear of Harassment. www.youtube.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kQu_F_tXFs. Accessed 16 Apr. 2022.

Part 2 Summary

In “’Anxious to let my features show’: Asian American woman shares fear of harassment” Amara Walker interviewed three young Asian American women who shared their stories of the verbal and physical attacks done to them at the start of the pandemic. Three of these ladies explain how all of their harassment since the start of covid was unprovoked but they were still harassed. Two of these ladies also had to ask random strangers on the street to walk them home to feel safe. They also talk about how it feels better to them when it’s winter so they can hide their Asian features so they don’t get attacked. Walker also stated that there was a rise in attacks on Asian Americans across the US and proceed to share some video clips of Asian ladies being beaten and another being pushed on the subway track to their death and other recent hate crimes. One of the ladies who was being interviewed talked about how she was scared of going to the subway since she might be pushed on the train track and always has her back to the wall in fear. Walker also interviewed an Asian American congresswoman who said she is scared to go anywhere alone. She is scared for her elders that they will die from an attack. Walker concluded the video by explaining that these women had never reported these harassment to the police because they got used to it and they are not taken seriously when they report it.

Part 3A Reflection

I agree with all of the stuff Walker and the three women who were interviewed talked about. Asian American women have been getting targeted a lot recently. I saw it all on Tiktok, News channel, Twitter, Apple News, and from my girlfriend who is Asian. I can see how deeply it affected these women when they were telling their story and crying. They feel safer when they cover up their face to hide their features or they ask strangers to walk them home to feel safer. My girlfriend doesn’t even walk home anymore but takes uber most of the time now. The moment hate crime started against Asian during the pandemic she never took the bus or train. When one of the interviewers stated “I’m making sure my back is against the subway wall or standing right next to a pillar so no one can push me onto the track” I immediately understood why my girlfriend never wanted to take the train. The fear of someone pushing you on the track while you are waiting on the train is very scary after all.

Part 3B Rhetorical Analysis

Walker’s audience is everyone in America. Walker’s purpose is to bring awareness to the harassment Asian American women are going through since the start of covid. The genre is Video and was very effective. Walker uses interviews in the video to bring awareness to the situation. The video was able to express the fear and struggle the three Asian women have been going through since the start of covid and also show the world of the attacks happening to them. CNN has a lot of reports for not being a reliable news source because of Trump but this interview included three Asian women and all of them were telling their stories from experience with the rise of Asian hate crime.

Part 4: Notable Quotables

“I try not to go anywhere alone.”(Rep. Grace Meng)

“I’m making sure my back is against the subway wall or standing right next to a pillar so no one can come push me onto the track”(Anne Kim)

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  2. Your summary is ok, but you could do a better job of carefully expressing the main points. Watch out for informal language: “stuff” and correct sentence errors throughout your writing. Numbers under ten are always SPELLED OUT. Travis, are you proofreading?

    Your Reflection needs to be deeper thinking; bounce your reflection off of the MI of the video. Remember we discussed this in class. Please review what goes into the Reflection 3A part and the Rhetorical Genre Analysis 3B part. Use the Rhetorical Analysis worksheet.

    You are repeating MIs in the Reflection and Rhetorical Genre ANalysis. Each of the four parts is separate and distinct and DIfferent. YOu cannot repeat Summary MIs in other parts of the Source Entry.

    RLW — Read like a writer and study the examples I posted. ALSO look at the Unit Two Assignment again for how to write the Reflection and Rhetorical Genre Analysis.

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