Reading Response Obama. David Antwi

On page 80-81, as a reader you witness the life Obama went through being black. In the short reading of that article, Obama was had to juggle the way he lived having white folks as friends while with his black friends. Obama did not like the disrespect, so we read about how he got into certain altercations with white ignorant folks. They will call him out of his name and he decided to retaliate physically. We witnessed how the term “white folks” became a term that just followed him and how it bothered him heavily. No matter what was being done it was like a bad flashback he did not want.

“The first boy, in seventh grade, who called me a coon; his tears of surprise -Why’dya do that?- when I gave him a bloody nose.” I am not a supporter of physical violence but I do believe that certain people need to be put in their place. Yes he might be a kid and he might be young but he is old enough to understand that world and the world that surrounds him. Maybe the bloody nose was not needed but if that was what was needed for him to understand that the use of that particular word is unnecessary then yes he deserved it.

In the scene, Obama learned a whole lot about the world he was living in. He learnt how certain black folks mindset was and how he did not have that mindset they did. An example will be his basketball coach. He was a curious soul. He always question things that he felt weren’t in place. He was an over thinker. The world that was surrounding him was divided and world like “white folks” will make Obama over think.

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