Intro- Leslie Martinez

Hey, my name is Leslie Ann Martinez, this is my second semester at city tech and it feels great to be back. I come from a country called the Dominican Republic which is very popular so it might be familiar to many. I was born and raised in the united states but my blood is from the Dominican republic. I was raised in a full household of 2 siblings ( not including me) my mom and my dad. I had one stepbrother and one sister and as siblings, all are they were the most annoying siblings throughout my childhood but the best in many ways. I was very grateful to have them around for help and support since I am the youngest and didn’t receive much support from my father. After a few years, my mother and father separated and that meant my brother leaving as well. It was pretty hard on me due to me having a very strong relationship with my father but things happen for a reason. A few years after that my sister moved out and that left me and my mom. My and my mom didn’t really get along due to the fact that I was more close to my father but eventually we grew together since it was just us two in the same household.  I wanted to share my story because I feel many people go through this same struggle at a young age in which you witness your parents separate for some it might bring relief and for others disappear but u learn to move on to keep pushing and having to provide support for the other parent because now it’s just one less parent. I am an example of someone who struggled and had become independent at a very young age so part of me is grateful but part of me still has the empty space in their heart of not completely having a great childhood due to the one less parent. As I got older I then realized I wasn’t alone because I have met many other people and had many friends that went through the same trauma and experience that I went through. At I did meet people with their parents still together which yes made me jealous and made me rethink how my childhood went down but at the end of the day I came to understand that things happen in life and life won’t always be fair or perfect like u expect it to be eventually u will find ur own happiness beyond your traumas and experiences and that will change everything.





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