Hello my name is Mateo Jeronimo but you can just call me Teo and I am 18 years old. I am Mexican and Puerto Rican but sadly am not fluent in spanish due to a speech problem I had when I was younger. I grew up in the LES( Lower East Side) as an only child but always had family visiting all the time so it didn’t really feel like I was an only child. This is my first semester at city tech and am glad since the last 2 years I have been stuck in my house.

My favorite hobbies are playing xbox video games like Apex legends, Overwatch, COD, and Dead by daylight. Also watching pretty much anything that entertains me but I have recently got hooked into Anime especially demon slayer and have not stopped watching it back to back. For sports I will play anything that I can get the hang of. I was really into basketball for a couple years but never took it serious and mostly just for fun with friends. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering since I have always been surrounded by family in that sort of field and hope one day we could all work together

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  1. Your essay is good to me because its short but is packed with interesting things. Four things we have in common is our major, we are both attending our first semester at city tech the fact that we like to play games and that we both watch anime.One thing about me is that I like to go to the gym sometimes to work out. I am looking forward to the rest of this class with all of my classmates.

  2. interesting growing up I was never into anime until now so im still confused on what the best anime is. So its nice to get some examples from you and your favorite ones.

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