Mentor text Analysis- Alexander David

Broken English: Three Ways to Speak English by Jamila Lyiscott

The way she gets her audiences strapped in is when she starts with words like articulate as her foot hold in the dirt. what I mean by this is her langue’s each server a different purpose in her day to day life. we don’t realizes it since it been wired into hour heads but we don’t talk to everyone the same. What I mean by that is we code switch depending on the situation or place or both. In a standard office building you tend to speak more professional to fit in. When your in the streets you tend to put a act or a persona to fit in with what ever character you wanna portray. Then you have how you speak at home this leads to how you were raced and what your native langue is. The over all messages is to not be ashamed of who you are or how you speak just aspect the reality that is your life. Enjoy how beautiful you are and how beautiful your langue and your culture is. People like to discourage who you are and how you talk but that shouldn’t matter at the end of the day. You did not choice to be born you are your own creation.

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