Show me your plan for whatever genre you  are writing or creating.   Write an outline or upload a px of a story board.  This doesn’t have to be perfect, but you must start by planning.  Show me what you plan to do, describe the parts of your piece.  If you are doing a multi-modal piece with elements of video, visual, audio, graphs, you can also tell me what programs you are thinking to use.  (Look in the Genre Project Resources page.)

For example, if I was Ruth Bader Ginsburg and I was planning to write an op-ed piece about advice I have for young women who want to enter the legal profession, I would start by thinking out what I would put in my essay.  I would create this outline. (Above I would use the Title:  Outline Op-Ed Project — Ruth Bader Ginsberg)

I.  Introduction

  • A. HOOK: Open with a Question
  • B. HISTORY of women in law progress — SHOWING RESEARCH
  1. Struggling Women
  2. Then / Now
  3. Change
  4. Use of statistics and facts as evidence

II.  Personal narrative – education journey – PERSONAL aspect

  • A. My mother encouraged me.
  • B. Important teachers in my educational journey
  1. Prof. Vlad Nabokov
  2. Prof. Gunther

III. ADVICE that helped me further my life and career.

  • A. Advice for marriage and work world from my mother-in-law
  • B. Mentor quote from my father-in-law: “Ruth…no one will think less of you. But if you really want to study law, you will stop worrying and find a way to manage child and school.”

IV Work-Life Balance – A WOMEN’s Issue

  • A.  Having a child actually helped me manage my time.
  • B. The importance of a good partnership, good husband.


  • A.  I love my job.  I have had it for 23 years!
  • B.  Describe the job of a Supreme Court Judge

V. CLOSURE/CONCLUSION: My message is to encourage women who want to be lawyers to join the law profession and help to further the future of women and law.


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