RBG Op-Ed Analysis — Migdalia Rivera

The main idea of this article is that gender roles does matter in the supreme court and Law School. Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she had “I have had more than a little bit of luck in life”, this quote shows that its very hard but you have to work harder being mother while in law school .If you don’t have a little help you might not be as lucky. Mother’s have to learn how to balance work-life and home life. The purpose of this article was to inform readers about the journey Ruth experienced and to have clear understanding on what women in USA have to deal with if they do want to pursue their career. Ruth Bader Ginsburg purpose was to captivate all genders. She speaks more about her hardship and sacrifice as a women in law school and in the supreme court. I think it was very nice that she incorporated her husband but he did not take much light of her story. Having a great support system did play apart in her success. Not a lot of women speak on their roller coaster ride of their success .

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  1. I agree with your entire analysis. She showed how hard it was to be a mother in her profession but was lucky enough to have her husband helping out with their kid. But in the end she was still able to accomplish a lot on her own as a woman.

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