RBG Op-Ed Analysis

The main idea of this article is that gender doesn’t matter and you should always chase your dreams and make yourself happy no matter what gender you are. The purpose of writing this article was to inform people of what she did and how she got to where she is. She wrote this to let people know that your gender doesn’t matter as long as your willing to put in the time and effort. I would say that the primary audience is young females. Another audience could be young men too. I say this because, the author talks about what she did as a female and how she became a supreme court justice when no one ever thought a women could do that. I think the author might be ignoring a male audience. The author wrote this at this particular moment because, women’s occupation was changing and she wanted to be a voice. The context is that women needed a voice at the time and she helped. It was shown in the news and published in the NYT.

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