RAB Conclusion Paragraph– Karem Ali

My research question was “How does Joe Rogan spreading misinformation about Covid affect others. What I learned about my topic was that Joe Rogan spreading the wrong information about Covid does affect others. A lot of people listen to Rogan’s podcast and a lot of people that listen to him take everything he say as fact. When he talks about Covid people take it as fact and they shouldn’t because he’s not a doctor and not a reliable source. My thinking changed because I used to think that he was a reliable source but now I would rather go get my information from actual doctors and not someone on a podcast who isn’t qualified to speak or tell people what to do if they get the virus. The research I found was important because, it shows that Joe was wrong and not a reliable source. I think that young adults and teens would benefit from my research because those are most of his podcast viewers. My research is important because, it shows people that Joe is wrong and is not a reliable source. So, they shouldn’t take the information that he gives as fact and actually check in with a qualified doctor.

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