RAB Proposal Paragraph- Maryfer

My research question is: how has the coronavirus pandemic lockdown impacted healthy eating habits and our relationship with food? This topic interests me because extreme weight gain/ weight loss has been one of the most common noticeable changes in many, including myself after the everlasting quarantine time period. During the pandemic lockdown I gained 25 pounds! I already know that a bad relationship with food can lead to issues worse than just weight gain or weight loss but also other life threatening illnesses and mental imbalances. I also know that it was difficult for a lot of people to maintain a healthy balanced diet in the midst of all the chaos. Some points that I plan to explore and find out more about are, how our emotions and our food choices went hand in hand during the lockdown? How has the lack of a structured day to day affected the way we eat during the pandemic lockdown? And lastly, how has the coronavirus worsened the practice of health risking fad diets?

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