RAB Source Entry 1- Mamadu Jalloh

Part 1: MLA Citation

Yee, Vivian, and Adam Rasgon. “A Ramadan Closer to Normal for 2021.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 13 Apr. 2021, https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/13/world/middleeast/ramadan-coronavirus-2021.html.


In “A Ramadan Closer to Normal for 2021” Vivian Yee  and Adam Rasgon reports that across the Muslim world, Authorities imposed limits on Ramadan customs and festivals at mosques. Moreover, Muslim worshippers were forced to bring their own prayer rugs and wear face masks. They also put time limits on “Taraweeh” the special extra prayers that worshipers observe every evening of the month. Ramadan restrictions hit the hardest in low income Egyptian neighborhoods, where residents depend on iftaar food from wealthy individuals, mosques, and other organizations. Furthermore, In Kenya, the officials have introduced longer curfews, closed bars and schools, restricted gatherings at spaces of worship, and limited travel in and out the country. Israel has quickly vaccinated most citizens, but didn’t show the same dedication when it came to vaccinating Muslim Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. This is problematic with the spread of vaccines being uneven, the spread of the virus remains a danger. The Article analyze the change for Muslims in 2020 the beginning of the pandemic till 2021. The Authors indicate though there are some improvements it is only negligible as Muslims still face hardships all around the world.


This article illustrates that the corona virus epidemic impacted Muslim communities around the world. Rigorous mandates and rules make it impracticable for Muslims to endure Ramadan the way they traditionally do. It is saddening to know that Muslims in Palestine were not giving the same urgency for vaccines because of their religious beliefs. Moreover, In “Lebanon  the currency has lost more than 80 percent of its value against the dollar over the last 18 months” making it more expensive for people to break their fast as food prices has exploded in proportion. This is excruciating because these Muslims are fasting more multiple hours everyday but when they are allowed to eat they are unable to because of their lack of resources. Furthermore, they are risking their lives by attending gatherings in mosques ,which is considered holy by all Muslims. The author states “This year, like last year, those free feasts are prohibited” referring to donated foods by wealthy people and organizations. I feel this makes it even harder for the Muslims who are incompetent of obtaining food on their own and relies on others donations in order to break their fast.

New York Times is reliable and credible source . It is a Factual news report whose purpose is to inform. The audience are people who are seeking information from an objective source and are very well educated. this artical is reliable as one of the authors “Adam Rasgon” reports from Israel for The Times’s Jerusalem bureau. He previously covered the Palestinian territories and the Arab world for The Times of Israel. This shows he is not only educated in Islam but in the Arab world in general. Similarly, Vivian Yee is the Cairo bureau chief, covering politics, society and culture in the Middle East and North Africa. Both authors are well educated on the topic making this article a reliable source for information.


“Muslims in Lebanon and Syria, too, are entering Ramadan with dramatically scaled-back expectations because of worsening economic crises in both countries that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, rather than because of public health restrictions” ( Adam and Vivian)

“The pandemic still shadows much of the festivities. Shop owners in Jerusalem’s Old City said they were worried that Israel would not allow large numbers of Palestinians from the West Bank, where few have been vaccinated, to visit the Old City this Ramadan, depriving the area of their holiday spending” ( Adam and Vivian)

“Vaccination efforts in Syria and Lebanon have been hobbled by poor organization, poverty and corruption” ( Adam and Vivian)

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  1. Hey Mamadu, it’s really sad hearing how poorly Muslims are being treated. To being denied vaccines and less food donations which leads to health risks all because they want to continue worshiping is cruel.

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